Dermatologist Salary

Dermatologist SalaryIn the USA, in May 2014, the average dermatologist salary was $206,000 per year, as mentioned on; this value is equivalent to a mean hourly wage of approx. $99.04 per hour, taking into account the fact that 2,080 hours of work are contained in a year of full-time work. The median wage of the dermatologist jobs in the United States was, in May 2014, $201,622 per year, according to the aforementioned website.

The median salary means something else from the average salary, since it indicates that half (or 50%) of the skin doctors practicing in the USA earn less than this median value, i.e. less than $201,622 per year, whilst the other half of these health professionals are remunerated with at least the median salary of a dermatologist, i.e. the other 50% of these medical physicians are paid with $201,622 per annum or more. The median income is also known as the 50th percentile wage. Continue reading

Cardiologist Salary

Cardiologist SalaryWhen thinking to the earnings of a “heart doctor”, it’s important to know that there are several types of such professionals, three of them being better known. In May 2014, the median pediatric cardiologist salary was $243,854 per year, as mentioned on The other two important specialties for these health practitioners are: the non-invasive and the invasive (interventional) cardiology jobs, which provided median annual wages of $351,380 and $380,406 respectively. Since the values of these salaries are so high, they illustrate that this occupation is among the best paying medical jobs in the USA and also that the cardiologist jobs offer six-figure salaries to any such professional.

More Details about the Cardiologist’s Salary in the USA

It’s important to understand that the wage values presented in the previous paragraph of this article represent the median – and not the mean (i.e. average) – salary of a cardiologist. The median pay indicates the minimum value of the wages of the best paid 50% (i.e. half) of the heart doctors; in other words, half of these physicians earn less than this median income and the other half are paid with the median pay or with more than this median value.

The average values of the wages that are earned by these physicians are presented by the website As indicated there, the invasive specialty of this profession offers in the USA, in May 2014, on average, $309,000 per year, while the annual average non-invasive cardiologist salary is a little lower: $243,000. This website,, also presents an average value for all the “heart physicians”, i.e. of all specialties, who practice in the USA, in May 2014: $202,000 per year. Continue reading